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⬇️ 🚨Important News🚨 Read below! ⬇️

🚨Important News!

Lavender Book Club is migrating to Pittsburgh Equality Center's community platform. This move will streamline our discussions, connections, content sharing, and events. Our new home integrates seamlessly with the Center's programs/resources, while preserving our safe haven for queer literature enthusiasts.

To join: 

1) Click here https://bit.ly/4bzQOuO

2) create a *new* account (even though the platforms are the same, you'll need to create a new account), and 

3) join the "Lavender Book Club" group. 

I understand change can be daunting, but I'm confident this transition will elevate our experiences and foster more meaningful discussions. 

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to [email protected].  

Best, Ray S.
Lavender Book Club
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